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Ingrown Toenail Doctor

Ingrown toenails occur when a corner or side of your toenail contorts and digs into the skin around the cuticle. It can be an extremely painful condition, especially in severe cases. In addition to being a common problem, the big toe is usually the one most commonly affected. Some common causes of ingrown toenails include:

  • A stubbed toe leading to toenail trauma
  • Incorrectly sized shoes, leading to a tight fit that puts pressure on your toenail
  • Bacteria living under the toenail bed
  • Incorrect clipping of nails that leads to a problem area

An ingrown toenail doctor can diagnose the condition with a simple physical exam. They may recommend an anti-biotic if the infection is severe. When a foot becomes infected, diabetes may be an underlying cause. In this a medical pedicure is recommended as a common nail salon does not often carry medical grade disinfectants and you run the risk of worsening the condition. 

If the condition goes untreated it may cause more severe infection leading to an overgrowth of tissue around the nails causing permanent damage.

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