Vaporox: New Hope for Stubborn Foot Wounds

June 9, 2024

When patients are locked into a battle with a foot wound that won’t heal despite diligent wound care, lack of progress can be both frustrating and scary. Giving up can mean amputation becomes the only remaining option—major surgery that is both life-altering and risky. But months or even years of continuing wound care with little to no progress is emotionally and physically taxing.

Now there is a new treatment that offers hope for those suffering from hard-to-heal foot wounds, including ones that have failed to heal completely despite lengthy treatment with conventional wound care methods. Vaporox is an FDA-cleared adjunctive therapy that dramatically increases the rate of chronic wound closure when combined with standard wound care, giving patients back their quality of life and preserving their overall health. We’re thrilled to announce that this groundbreaking treatment is now available at Corona Foot & Ankle, giving our patients the latest methods for achieving lasting healing.

What Is Vaporox?

Vaporox is Vaporous Hyperoxia Therapy (VHT®), a low-Frequency, non-contact, non-thermal ultrasound treatment developed to heal chronic wounds that have not responded to conventional treatment. It has been clinically validated as safe and effective for nine types of skin wounds, including diabetic foot ulcers, skin grafts, post-surgical wounds, gangrene, and pressure ulcers. It is compatible with all advanced wound care modalities, so adding Vaporox to your care routine does not mean having to discontinue other therapies.

Vaporox used to heal diabetics with stubborn wounds that will not heal. Now available in Corona, CA.

Vaporox’s efficacy has been consistently demonstrated in clinical studies. When VHT® is combined with standard wound care, over 84% of chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers closed in 20 weeks or less. Best of all, Vaporox is a simple, painless procedure performed in the comfort of our office.

How Does Vaporox Work?

When a patient receives a Vaporox treatment, a clear plastic treatment chamber is positioned around the wound. A proprietary blend of concentrated oxygen and hydrating vapor fills the chamber, surrounding the wound and absorbing into the tissue. Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes. It really is that easy—and the treatment is both pain-free and soothing for the patient.

A typical treatment plan calls for two to three weekly sessions in conjunction with standard wound care. We will customize your treatment plan depending on the complexity and severity of your foot wound. Patients often start to see improvement within a few weeks of starting treatment!

Because Vaporox sessions are performed in our office, it is easy to add this therapy to the full range of standard and advanced wound care options Corona Foot & Ankle offers to our patients. Vaporox is also covered by Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans. If you previously thought that struggling with a chronic foot wound was the reality you would have to face for the rest of your life to try to stave off amputation, now there is a new prospect for complete healing.

Cutting-Edge Treatment for Better Quality of Life

For patients with underlying conditions like diabetes and peripheral artery disease (PAD), a tiny injury or scrape on the foot can turn into a chronic, life-threatening medical issue that robs them of a pain-free, active lifestyle. Too many end up undergoing amputations when those persistent or recurring wounds fail to heal. At Corona Foot & Ankle, our goal is to help our patients not just avoid amputation, but to achieve the full healing necessary to reclaim their life and get back to the activities that they love. That’s why we are constantly on the lookout for promising new therapies like Vaporox. We want to ensure that our patients benefit now from the latest research and the most advanced understanding of what can be done to turn their chronic foot wounds from a daily burden into a thing of the past.

If you’ve been struggling with a foot wound that just won’t heal, or have been told that amputation is inevitable, ask Corona Foot & Ankle about our treatment options, including Vaporox. To schedule your consultation, contact us here.

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