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What is a chronic wound?

Corona Wound Care provides treatment for chronic wounds.

If you have had a wound for a while, it simply means your body’s healing mechanisms aren’t functioning well. It could be a myriad of things from the medications you are on, varicose veins, diabetes, injuries, and trauma. To heal a chronic wound, you need one of our specialists at Corona Foot and Ankle. We provide care for ALL wounds below the knee which includes the leg, ankle, toes, and feet.

Diabetic Wound Care

If you are a diabetic, please ensure you prioritize a visit to our office:

  1. No waiting times
  2. We will ensure you an appointment with our medical specialists
  3. Your care will be monitored very closely by our team

Diabetics with wounds may find this article helpful.

Learn more about our wound care facility and limb salvage programs.

Physicians Without A Wound Specialist

If you are a medical facility and don’t have a wound specialist, we would love to be your partner and provide wound care for your patients. Please talk to us about your practice by contacting us HERE

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