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Are you experiencing foot or ankle pain? Do you need a consultation either in-person or through telehealth?

Our dedicated staff at Corona Foot and Ankle is committed to your wellness during this difficult time during the pandemic which is why our facility now offers remote health appointments in addition to in-person treatment. Visit our COVID-19 telehealth informational page to read more.

At our renowned facility, our doctors treat a wide array of podiatric foot problems. Our world-class doctors aim to diagnose problems at their source. We understand the pain and mobility issues that can stem from mild to serious conditions and we will take a comprehensive approach to treating your discomfort or medical condition. The doctors at our facility can treat a number of podiatric conditions including bunions, ingrown toenails, plantar warts, gout, heel pain, and corn removal. Together, our staff offers years of experience and expertise in the podiatric field. We encourage anyone feeling foot, toe, or ankle discomfort to contact us HERE for a first consultation.

Our professional staff is equipped and capable of treating a wide variety of conditions including ingrown toenails, foot warts, tendonitis, foot and ankle trauma, sports foot injuries, amputation prevention, diabetic foot care, bunion surgery, Charcot foot, limb salvage and prevention, foot and ankle complications, peripheral neuropathy, ankle pain, bunions, flat foot, foot and ankle arthritis, hammertoe, heel pain, as well as plantar fasciitis. The staff is equipped with the newest in technological innovations that assist in the diagnosis and treatment of potentially complex podiatric conditions and diseases. The facility’s cutting-edge technology makes it possible to provide unparalleled patient care. Best of all, Corona Foot and Ankle is just a short drive from Chino Hills and is easily accessible by The Chino Valley Freeway California State Route 71.

Diabetic Foot Checkup – Disease Prevention

Are you living with diabetes and are worried about the potential dangers associated with diabetic foot problems? Corona Foot and Ankle can help with regular checkups to ensure that there’s no danger of complications that can put your mobility or life at risk.

Emergency Care / Urgent Care

Before visiting an urgent care center for a foot-related medical issue, consider contacting us first. When it comes to foot or ankle related issues, it’s almost always best to seek treatment from a specialist as opposed to a general emergency care center. An urgent center doctor may not be able to able to treat the problem properly which can result in disastrous long-term consequences.

Reconstructive Surgery

Have you experienced a sports injury or require flat foot surgery? The expert surgeons at Corona Foot and Ankle can provide the highly-skilled care mobility-dependent surgery requires. We also offer pediatric flat foot surgery for kids – by going to a podiatric specialist your child can enjoy healthy mobility for life.

Medical Foot Spa 

Corona Foot and Ankle also offers a sterile medical grade foot spa designed by medical professionals for high standard nail hygiene and care. The facility is designed specifically for “at risk” patients such as diabetics as well as any individual looking for a safe and sanitary pedicure, manicure, and nail trimming. A regular salon poses real hygiene dangers that can lead to immense complications, but ours provides the highest standard of cleanliness and professional care

Specialty Areas:

Learn more with our doctors on how we can help patients who suffer from:

  1. Arterial insufficiency
  2. Non-healing wounds due to arterial insufficiency
  3. Edema of lower extremity due to venous insufficiency
  4. Varicose veins
  5. Venous stasis ulcers due to venous insufficiency
  6. PICC line insertion for long term IV antibiotic use

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