Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes affects multiple areas of the body, including the feet. Preventative foot care is an essential part of every diabetic’s plan for avoiding devastating complications that can arise from high blood sugar. Approximately 70 percent of people with diabetes develop circulatory problems and nerve damage. Together, these conditions can set the stage for foot wounds that go unnoticed at first and then don’t heal properly, due to the negative effects of high blood sugar on immune function and blood flow. When infection sets in, amputation can follow.

In fact, diabetic neuropathy is a leading cause of foot and leg amputation in the United States. Approximately 20 million people in this country live with this condition, which causes nerve damage in the limbs and extremities. Numbness, tingling, burning, or extreme sensitivity to touch in the toes or feet can all be signs of this type of nerve damage. Anybody who has been diagnosed with diabetes needs regular diabetic foot care throughout their life to prevent avoidable injuries, identify potential complications, and provide early treatment before tissue is permanently damaged.

Fortunately, regular foot care can help keep diabetes from leading to catastrophic nonhealing wounds. At Corona Foot & Ankle, our diabetic patients start with a regular schedule of foot exams—at least annually, as recommended by the Diabetes Association, but more often if complicating factors like diabetic neuropathy or peripheral artery disease are present. We evaluate your circulation and sensitivity at each exam, as well as checking for changes to the skin or any wounds, no matter how minor.

Most importantly, our team works proactively to reduce the risk of foot complications through education and preventative care. Proper at-home foot care practices and special shoes designed to eliminate pressure points are among our strategies for keeping you and your feet healthy. To find out more about diabetic foot care at Corona Foot & Ankle, contact our office here.


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