Wound Care

Wound Care Specialists for Foot and Lower Leg Wounds

If you have chronic, repetitive, or difficult open wounds on the lower legs and feet, the wound care experts at Corona Foot & Ankle can help. Treatment must address the true, underlying causes of the wound, which is why our patient evaluations take into account four key viewpoints: vascular, dermatologic, orthopedic, and neurologic. This holistic approach enables us to treat each wound thoroughly and reduce the risk of reoccurrence. We understand the intricacies of the healing process and how to promote natural wound healing, as well as utilizing the latest advanced wound care techniques to effectively treat problem wounds.


Expert Treatment for Every Wound

Even a small foot wound that is slow to heal can be a sign of deeper underlying health issues. Diabetes, peripheral artery disease, and peripheral neuropathy are all conditions that raise the risk that a minor injury can turn into a nonhealing wound. More than 60% of nontraumatic amputations occur in patients with diabetes, underscoring the importance of seeking care from an experienced podiatrist immediately if you have a wound that isn’t healing as it should.

If you have a serious foot wound and are worried that amputation may be the next step, schedule a consultation with Corona Foot & Ankle first. Dr. Amin is experienced in advanced limb salvage techniques and will take every step possible to preserve your limb and your health.

Proactive Care

When it comes to problematic foot wounds, taking a “wait and see” attitude can lead to irreversible consequences. We work with our patients to not only treat the wounds they have, but also to create individualized prevention plans to reduce the chances that they’ll develop new wounds in the future. Chronic foot wounds and amputation don’t have to be inevitable, even for patients with multiple underlying conditions. Contact Corona Foot & Ankle here to get started making your foot wounds a thing of the past.


Are you a medical professional who doesn’t specialize in wound care with patients in need of help? We would love to work with you to ensure that your patients get the best care possible. Please contact Corona Foot & Ankle to learn more about our specialized wound care practice.

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