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June 2, 2022

When patients are diagnosed with diabetes, peripheral artery disease, peripheral neuropathy, or other conditions that can impair circulation or damage the nerves in their limbs, the prospect of them developing chronic wounds on their feet or legs jumps dramatically. A minor injury like a blister or scrape can turn into a foot ulcer that stubbornly refuses to heal. At Corona Foot & Ankle, we know that what happens at this point can spell the difference between healing and preserved quality of life or infection, life-threatening complications, and possible amputation. That’s why we’ve expanded our specialty wound care and limb salvage practice to extend the benefits of effective treatment to more patients in the Inland Empire.

It’s often the case in an overwhelmed and fragmented medical system that patients don’t get the attention they need until a problem has become severe. This is never a good thing, but in the case of non-healing foot wounds it is particularly unfortunate. The earlier a patient with a foot ulcer can receive specialized wound care treatment, the better their long-term outcome is likely to be. We’re dedicated to getting our patients the timely and knowledgeable care they need to preserve their health and mobility.

Serving Providers and Patients

Effectively healing chronic wounds on the feet and legs requires specialized knowledge, ongoing care, and understanding of all the underlying factors that may be contributing to the problem. Corona Foot & Ankle combines state-of-the-art treatment for all wounds from the knee down to the toes with personalized care. At our office, a patient is not just a number—they’re an individual with a history and a relationship with us.


Our philosophy on the treatment of repetitive or difficult foot wounds is simple: a holistic approach is always better than simply addressing symptoms. Our patient evaluations examine the vascular, neurologic, dermatologic, and orthopedic dimensions to ensure that wounds are treated thoroughly and the risk of recurrence is reduced as much as possible. Because chronic foot ulcers are signs of more serious underlying conditions, we work to understand exactly what is going on with each patient. Treatment of a sore or ulcer includes not just direct wound care techniques, but also attention to overall health, such as monitoring blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and overall nutrition. We help ensure that conditions like peripheral artery disease are caught in time and misdiagnoses that can lead to amputation are avoided.

Unlike a regular podiatrist’s office, we can offer advanced techniques for limb salvage to preserve the legs and feet, including skin grafting, soft tissue expansion, placental-based grafts, and more. For medical professionals who need to refer their patients for advanced wound care unavailable in their own practice, we deliver hands-on, attentive, ongoing care that complements their work. Should surgery to amputate be unavoidable, the best surgeons are available. We provide comprehensive service at a level far above that found in the regular medical system.

Maintaining Wellness

As important as what we do when a patient has a foot wound is what we do when they don’t. Prevention is critical for keeping at-risk patients from developing problematic injuries, to begin with. With regular checkups, lifestyle changes, and education on proper at-home foot care, our treatment plans are designed to help patients who’ve suffered one foot wound avoid having to deal with the nightmare of recurring ulcers and the complications that can arise from them. For patients who’ve already been bounced around the medical system without getting the comprehensive care they need, we’re an effective one-stop resource for prevention and treatment.

Corona Foot & Ankle is the wound care leader in the Inland Empire, serving patients and providers looking for a more accessible, individualized alternative. We understand how serious the potential complications from a non-healing foot or leg wound can be, so our specialists use the latest, most effective techniques available to promote healing and preserve the limb. To find out more about the expanded wound care practice at Corona Foot & Ankle or to schedule your appointment, contact us here.

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