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Preparing Your Kids: The Best Foot Forward

From day one, we need to be taking better care of our children’s feet. From infancy, to toddlerhood, and through late childhood, there are important steps we can be taking to ensure out child’s good foot health. Pediatric podiatry ranges from preventative care to emergency care.


In infancy, a baby’s feet are often thought of only in terms of cuteness- those tiny toes, the doll-like shoes- but this is actually where proper foot care should start. To ensure good foot health, there are a few cautionary and preventative steps to take. For example, do not confine your baby’s feet in any too-tight cover; this restricts the foot’s movement. You will also want to check your baby’s foot regularly for any abnormalities.


The walking stage! Don’t just marvel at their new-found mobility, pay attention. Feet that turn out or in as the child walks signal an underlying issue. Foot pain or swelling without explanation could be a sign of a serious condition and should not be ignored.

Children’s feet grow very quickly and so it is important to ensure that children always have properly fitting shoes. Once a child starts wearing shoes while walking around, they should be monitored for ingrown toenails. Ingrown toenails in children usually processes by a shoe irritation. Ingrown toenails can be treated initially with home remedies like Epsom salt soaks, topical antibiotics and clipping the ingrown nail to a safe extent. However, if you aren’t confident in being able to safely clip your child’s toes at any age, you may want to visit a pediatric podiatrist who can do it for you and show you how.

Some studies suggest that 50% of 3-year-olds have flat feet, but that ratio decreases to 25% when a child reaches age six. A pediatric podiatrist will know how to properly monitor a child’s foot development to determine treatment if the child is not outgrowing their flat feet.


The more active a child gets, the greater the risk of injury. While children do generally heal quickly, you want to make sure they’re healing correctly too. Pediatric injuries are common If your child complains about heel pain with an inflamed back of the foot or ankle, or you see your child limping or walking oddly on their toes, consider a visit to the podiatrist. At Corona Foot & Ankle, we won’t just treat the pain, we’ll get to the root cause of the problem so that we can help your child get back to a healthy, active routine. Though not common, there are some growths and abnormalities that can affect children such as juvenile bunions, Sever’s disease, or an accessory bone along the arch of the foot. Before symptoms become severe, consult a pediatric podiatrist.

At Corona Foot & Ankle we work with children of all ages, from infancy throughout childhood and into adulthood. If your child complains of foot pain, or you notice anything abnormal, contact the friendly, experienced podiatrists at Corona Foot & Ankle here. Of course, very young children don’t always, or can’t, tell us when something hurts. If you’re unsure what to look for, or aren’t sure if what you’re observing is normal, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We all want the best for our children, help them put their best foot forward in life by making sure their feet are well taken care of.

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