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Running a medical practice isn’t just about caring for the patients we see every day. At Corona Foot and Ankle Group, we understand that we can play an important role in promoting the well-being of the community around us by supporting worthy organizations. While there are many groups doing important work throughout Southern California, we’d like to introduce you to two that Dr. Amin has had the pleasure of supporting recently.

School on Wheels

Homelessness is a problem in Southern California that we are all, unfortunately, far too familiar with. What may be less well known is that 1 in 20 children in California does not have a home, living instead in shelters, motels, vehicles, group foster homes, or on the street. Homelessness has a devastating effect on a child’s chance to successfully complete a K through 12 education; affected children are nine times more likely to repeat a grade, three times more likely to be placed in special education, and four times more likely to drop out of school than their peers.

Since its founding in 1993, Southern California-based School on Wheels has had one goal: to give homeless students the educational supports they need to enable them to succeed in school. The foundation of their program is one-on-one tutoring conducted by dedicated volunteers. In addition, the organization provides school supplies, instruction in digital literacy and access to digital learning platforms and devices, scholarship opportunities for students seeking supplemental learning in K through 12 (such as summer camp or arts or sports programs), or moving on to secondary education, and more.

In 2020, the challenges already faced by homeless students were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced school districts into online learning. The generosity of School on Wheels’ donors enabled the group to provide devices and internet access to vulnerable students. Online tutoring allowed volunteers to continue mentoring students when meeting in person was not advisable. As our region returns to in-person schooling, it is likely that homeless students will need help to successfully transition back into a classroom environment, and we’ll be supporting Schools on Wheels’ initiatives to keep them on track.

International Global Charities

Founded in 1995, International Global Charities was started by business owners committed to supporting charitable causes, humanitarian efforts, health organizations, and education, both at home and abroad. Dr. Amin’s experience with one of their local efforts helps to illustrate how seemingly small acts can make a huge difference for those in need.

A friend of Dr. Amin’s affiliated with the organization let her know that a social worker was collecting new athletic shoes, suitable for school or physical activity, for kids under 18 in economically disadvantaged regions all over Southern California. Young children’s feet grow fast, and active children tend to be hard on their shoes, so it can be difficult to keep them in properly sized, good quality shoes when funds are tight. Knowing that the right shoes can prevent potential foot problems in people of all ages, Corona Foot and Ankle happily donated 10 pairs of brand-new Vans to the collection effort.

The social worker’s report back made it clear how much a thing we might take for granted—a new pair of shoes—affected the children receiving them. These were kids who had never had a new pair of shoes in their life, and most of them were wearing shoes that were far too small for their feet. Too-small shoes can cause a host of problems, from blisters and calluses to ingrown toenails, bunions, and other foot deformities, which means the gift of properly fitting shoes was a gift of health to those children.

We couldn’t help but feel the serendipity of a project that dovetails so neatly with the work we do daily to promote foot health falling into our laps. We’re looking forward to staying involved with this initiative and expanding our efforts to help as more areas in need and recipients are identified.

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Corona Foot and Ankle – In The Community
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Corona Foot and Ankle – In The Community
Dr. Amin aspires to help and give back to communities by supporting charities locally and internationally. To find out more about Corona Foot and Ankle’s services or about our community involvement, contact us.
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