Medical Toenail Trim

Toenail trimming can be a daunting task for at-risk patients. If you are an at-risk patient, please feel free to visit us for your toenails to be trimmed safely. Our medical team can ensure your toenails are trimmed with medical grade tools and in a hygienic environment. This applies to patients suffering from:


When diagnosed with diabetes, foot care is essential. If you can’t see or reach your feet well, it is essential to have nail care from a qualified medical professional like a podiatrist. A medical toenail trimming specialist will keep your toenails free of ingrown toenails and prevent serious complications.

Circulation Problems

Circulation issues can make it more difficult for your body to battle infection. A medical-grade toenail trim ensures there are no cuts or sores left unnoticed and helps to avoid serious infections in the foot.

Celiac Disease

Celiac disease can impact nails and makes a person more susceptible to toenail fungus. A podiatrist can safely and hygienically trim, cut, clip and debride toenails while avoiding complications.

Kidney Disease

Kidney disease can impact the growth of toenails, increasing brittleness and chipping. Avoid complications when trimming concave nail shape caused by kidney disease with a medical toenail trimming specialist at our Corona office.


If you have neuropathy and are unable to feel a cut when trimming toenails, you should leave the trimming to your podiatrist. A cut that goes unnoticed can result in infection or a wound that could have serious consequences, such as an amputation.

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