Nail Restoration

Is your toenail ugly, has it fallen off or has been damaged? Our nail restoration program with KeryFlex might just put a smile on your face. There is hope for you to have beautiful toenails once again, but this can only be done in a podiatrists office. KeryFlex is not for everyone. KeryFlex Nail Restoration should not be used on individuals with peripheral vascular disease, arterial insufficiency, peripheral neuropathy, suspicious pigmented lesions on the nail or ingrown toenails. It should be avoided in patients who are pregnant, nursing or known to be sensitive or allergic to any of its ingredients. Ask our team if KeryFlex Nail Restoration is right for you.

“Stop wearing closed toed shoes!  Stop using band aids!  Show off your pretty feet with Keryflex” Dr. Arti C. Amin

Keryflex Pricing:

Restore One Nail for $100.00

Restore Two Nails – Same Foot for $125.00

Restore 4 or 5 Nails – Same Foot for $150.00

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