Your Feet Deserve To Be Beautiful – But Are You At Risk of An Infection?

Corona Med Foot Spa

Let’s face it, our feet are just as much an accessory and a nonverbal message about how we carry ourselves as much as any other part of our daily vanity routine. No longer are we striving to show off one well-maintained feature, now there are good hair, skin, nail – and yes – toe days.  And if you’re a Southern California resident where you put away your flip-flops a mere two to maybe three weeks out of the year, toes are no doubt a priority for both men and women.

Unfortunately, there are viable medical reasons that keep many from flashing their feet or taking comfort in open-toe foot fashion. Nail conditions affect people in a very real way, whether due to general dystrophy from trauma to the foot or toe, or serious autoimmune afflictions such as psoriasis or lichen planus, both of which can also affect self-esteem.

These are medical issues that require more attention than a quick fix at the local nail salon.  Though they are expected to follow certain hygienic protocol, it is not mandatory for nail salons nor easy to tell how long and how thoroughly spa treatment instruments have been disinfected in between clients.  The risk of developing infection is particularly high for pedicure customers with diabetes, circulation problems or those on blood thinners. At a typical nail spa, a customer is indeed just that – a customer.  A patient, on the other hand, would be treated not just based on their desire to look better, but based on the needs and careful assessment of their bodies.

There is a solution to address ravaged toenails and associated health concerns that has been tested and deemed a major advancement in podiatric care by Podiatry Today. Keryflex is a nail restoration treatment applied only by certified technicians who are trained in applying this safe and acetone-resistant nail resin. The resin is flexible, and if a patient is coming with some of their toenail still intact, may even allow the natural toenail to grow back.  Keryflex can also cover nail fungus and various other disorders that are affecting the toenail.

This kind of “medi-pedi” treatment can be done in one visit at Corona Foot and Ankle Group under the care of Dr. Arti Amin and her trained staff. Patients are treated in the comfort of their own private room, where the sanitation practices of their medical spa treatment are far superior to that of the average chain nail salon.  Higher safety practices are the best preventative medicine for diabetics and other patients who are considered to be at-risk were they to choose a regular nail treatment not necessarily regulated for sanitary practices.

Keryflex is compatible with human tissue and will not irritate or cause further damage to the underlying nail or skin. Since it is not a gel, the human nail plate does not get damaged by application of the treatment. Once a session is complete, patients can feel free to apply and remove nail polish as they please.  The KeryFlex Nail Restoration is a painless and durable treatment that is offered with the care and continued observation of a doctor who is required to meet the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

While otherwise a safe treatment, KeryFlex Nail Restoration should not be used on individuals with peripheral vascular disease, arterial insufficiency, peripheral neuropathy, suspicious pigmented lesions on the nail or ingrown toenails. Patients who are pregnant, nursing or known to be sensitive or allergic to any of its ingredients must first ask their doctor before deciding to go through with KeryFlex Nail Restoration.

Deciding to treat tragic toes with KeryFlex can drastically, and has been shown to, improve a patient’s quality of life. There is no reason to drag your feet, so to speak, any longer. Making an appointment is the first step to restoring your foot health.