Toenail Fungus and Weight Gain

Toenail Restoration Corona

We all sit and Google stuff, but try searching for toenail fungus and how it correlates with weight gain. Studies show that unhealthy weight gain increases a person’s chances of getting disfiguring toenail fungus infections. If you look up obesity, you’ll see that obese people have double the rate of toenail infections, also known as onychomycosis.

Podiatrist, Dr. Arti C. Amin, agrees with these statistics and says that her overweight and obese patients definitely have problems with toenail fungus. She treats them for this but also goes the extra mile to review their medical history. For example, it is extremely common for overweight patients to present as pre-diabetic or diabetic and this affects the treatment plan. According to Dr. Amin, the pain caused by toenail infections can be very debilitating and, if not treated correctly, can result in other co-infections. If it advances too far, onychomycosis may require painful injections administered around the nail bed. There is also the appearance aspect to this condition; it doesn’t look pleasant so people tend to wear socks to cover it and there’s definitely no showing off your toenails in a pair of high heels.

You need a professional to treat toenail fungus and Dr. Amin is that person. Don’t go to the local nail salon and expect them to know what to do. They may tell you some tall tale about an old method that works, but Dr. Amin cautions that the chance of getting an incurable infection is very high and, in extreme cases, can result in amputation.

So what can you do?

  1. Control Your Weight

If you have been told you are obese or overweight, take heed in what your doctor is telling you. There are a variety of options to lose weight ranging from diets to exercise regimes. Don’t procrastinate; just do it! If you see your feet are suffering because of your weight gain, it’s very important you see a podiatrist. If you notice any changes in your toenails, be it color or pain, it really is time to see a podiatrist.  because going to your local salon is a huge mistake.

  1. Make an Appointment with Dr. Amin

Dr. Amin is a very knowledgeable, forward-thinking podiatrist who not only loves helping her patients solve their feet and ankle problems, but is also proactive in coupling this with prevention plans as well. Read her bio HERE. She has recently opened her private podiatry clinic in Corona and offers services to all residents in the Inland Empire. Because of her reputation, she even has patients driving from as far away as Los Angeles and San Diego. Make an appointment soon, because she usually has a waiting list.

  1. Get Your Toenail Restored to its Former Beauty

After treating your toenail fungus, Dr. Amin will transfer you to her medical spa which offers toenail restoration. Even if your toenail is completely disfigured or broken, there is hope; Corona Foot and Ankle Group is an official clinic for the Keryflex system of toenail restoration. You will leave the clinic with a reconstructed toenail and yes, nail polish, so bring those heels!

Corona Foot and Ankle Group welcomes all PPO and cash patients. We work with referrals from other doctors as well; check with us to see if your health insurance covers your visit. We treat all types of foot and ankle conditions, please click HERE for our extensive list. Don’t delay; with toenail issues, sooner is always better than later. For more information, please contact us HERE.