Toenail Pain: What are the Possible Causes?

Often times we have pain that we can identify and deal with, but when it comes to toenail pain, it can be distressing, uncomfortable and, most of all, annoying. What most people don’t know is that pain in your toenail can be the start of many serious issues that at times can lead to amputation. In this blog, we really want to hit hard on that fact that you shouldn’t avoid seeing a podiatrist; they are able to assess your medical condition and prescribe personal clinical remedies that should work best for you.

Ingrown toenails are a very common cause of toenail pain and can hurt quite badly. A very simple remedy is to carefully poke a tiny piece of cotton just under your nail where it’s ingrown; as quickly as overnight you can experience relief. If it lasts longer than a day or two, don’t rely on your neighborhood pedicurist for treatment, as this may contribute to disastrous results. Rather, see a professional podiatrist. When you have an ingrown toenail, the pain is terrible. The initial symptom may be mild pain while wearing tight shoes or when applying pressure, but eventually, this can lead to swelling and redness. Make an appointment at our clinic so our qualified podiatrists can treat your pain and diagnose your issue.

Another possible cause of pain can be nail fungus infecting the toenail. Do not assume that rubbing alcohol or Vicks Vaporub will make it all go away; you need to see a podiatrist to get a proper diagnosis and teach you about preventative care so you don’t get a reoccurrence. Dr. Arti C. Amin has a list of things for you to consider as well as tips on how to avoid getting toenail fungus, but if you suspect you suffer from this ailment, please make an appointment at Corona Foot and Ankle Group.

Sometimes sports injuries can lead to toenail pain. Marathon runners and people who constantly exercise may suffer from toenail pain, in particular when the nail turns black and blue. This can mean that the nail is dying and may need to be removed surgically so that the replacement nail can grow again unhindered. When feet are confined for long periods in sport’s shoes and/or they swell, this can cause pressure on your toes which can result in a broken nail.

Ladies with a love of high heels, tend to squeeze their toes into very narrow shoes just because they’re pretty shoes. When you wear these types of shoes for many hours, it may cause toenail pain that lasts for days. The pain can be because of a range of things, from a broken nail to toenail disfiguration because the toe is squashed causing ongoing toenail pain. The last thing you should do under these circumstances is going to your nail salon and ask them to dig out your toenail. Ladies, be warned that nail spas are a breeding ground for infections and if you get a serious toenail infection, you may have to have your toe (and possibly more) amputated!

Diabetics with toenail pain need to make an appointment with us right away! This pain could mean a myriad of things and, if not treated correctly, can lead to gangrene and possible leg amputations. Diabetics should never get a pedicure at a local nail spa; our clinic offers the specialized care critical for diabetics, so please make an appointment with us.

Corona Foot and Ankle Group is passionate about assisting anyone with toenail pain. Our main goal is to care for our patients, but, more importantly, to formulate a prevention plan. Toenail issues can be particularly dangerous for diabetics, so our mission is to ensure your medical issues are targeted. We also offer preventative advice which helps you lead a healthier lifestyle including taking care of your foot and ankle needs. For more information contact us HERE.