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Are you in Murrieta and experiencing large, serious, difficult wounds? Afraid of having to take severe measures like amputation? Dr. Amin D.P.M. DABMSP may be able to help by using the cutting-edge methodology for preventing limb amputation. We treat patients in Murrieta which is located in Southwestern Riverside County, California. Murrieta is considered one of the fastest-growing cities in California between 2000-2010 with a population increase of 133.7%. The median income is $91,654.

Our team at Corona Foot and Ankle Group Murrieta, our specialty is healing wounds. W understands the complexities of the healing process and we incorporate the latest effective techniques available for the treatment of problem wounds. At Corona Foot and Ankle Group, we also believe in holistic healing, reinforcing the body’s natural healing process.

We don’t believe in simply masking symptoms. We offer comprehensive exams to get to the root of the issue and address it. Our holistic method provides complete healing by integrating four main areas: neurologic, orthopedic, dermatologic, and vascular.

Alarming Statistics of Diabetic Serious Wounds

Large or small, wounds and their associated symptoms should never be ignored. More than 60% of non-traumatic amputations occur in persons with diabetes. Comprehensive foot care programs can reduce amputation rates by 45% to 85%, according to the American Diabetes Association.  The diabetic foot ulcer must be taken seriously as it is often a sign of a far more serious underlying condition, such as stroke, renal disease, peripheral arterial disease, and heart attack.

Riverside County Wound Prevention

There are a number of ways to reduce the risk factors of developing diabetic foot ulcerations (DFUs) and Corona Foot and Ankle is here to help design an individualized prevention plan for Murrieta patients. These plans start with a thorough inspection and utilize a combination of lifestyle changes.

Risks of Not Treating

Patients in Murrieta can schedule an appointment to see Dr. Amin and work to prevent most diabetes-related amputations. The most common cause of amputation among patients with diabetes is wounds or ulcers that do not heal. Reduced blood flow to the feet of people with diabetes increases the risk of developing a wound or sore. Routine care and visits to a podiatrist are essential. A person who loses feeling in their foot due to neuropathy is less likely to notice mild foot or leg ulcers before they become severe.

Murrieta Referrals

Dr. Amin is especially skilled and equipped to treat wounds. We will guarantee that each patient is getting the absolute best care possible. If you are a medical professional and looking for a place to refer patients in need of wound care,  we are positioned to be a resource for you and your patients in Murrieta.

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