Foot Athritis Doctor

Foot Arthritis

Are you suffering each and every day with painful feet? How many of you think painful feet are just a part of everyday life?  It’s not!  Your feet should not hurt, it’s not normal.  For many of you, the pain in your feet is due to arthritis.  You may be wondering what can be done about that without surgery. […]

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Foot Arthritis Doctor in Corona California

Foot Arthritis

Foot arthritis is something we can treat at the Corona Foot and Ankle Group.  How many of you think painful feet are just a part of everyday life?  It is not!  Your feet should not hurt, it’s not normal to live with pain in your feet.  For many of you, the pain in your feet is due to arthritis. […]

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plantar fasciitis

Corona Podiatrist Tips: Heel Pain – Plantar Fasciitis

The heel is the back part of the foot below the ankle. Most of us don’t really pay attention to it until we are experiencing discomfort or pain. Are you suffering from heel pain? According to the Mayo Clinic, “heel pain usually affects the underside or back of your heel. Although heel pain is rarely […]

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Ingrown Toenail Doctor

Corona Podiatrist Tips: Ingrown Toenails

Are you suffering from ingrown toenails? Are you allowing your pedicure lady to treat your ingrown toenail? Are you aware you could get an infection and possibly face losing your toe? – Yes amputation! You’ve probably read my page on ingrown toenails, ouch! I wanted to write another article because so many of my patients […]

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Ankle Sprain Recovery Tips

Ankle Sprain

Did you know that an ankle sprain is one of the most severely UNDER-treated injuries? How many times have you sprained or twisted your ankle? Did you seek medical attention for the ankle sprain? Did you see a foot and ankle specialist? So say you had an ankle sprain, and if you did decide to […]

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Doctor Arti Amin

Are nail salon’s or nail spa’s safe?

Nail salon’s or nail spa’s are special treats often seen as a beauty and relaxation therapy. More and more of us are getting our nails professionally done at nail salon’s or nail spa’s. It’s become a social norm. Unfortunately, I’m seeing more and more infections because of this. You might be asking yourself why you should […]

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